Thursday, 18 April 2019

7:30 Chelmsford (18th April) Independence Day to Spring a Surprise at 20/1

Chelmsford Racecourse 2019

Strangely for a 5 furlong race there's only 2 known pacesetters in the race, Precious Plum is my 3rd top rated and drawn in stall 12 which might not be too bad in this race with early pace in the 2 stalls on its inside, Alaskan Bay likes to track the leaders and is in stall 8 so could get a tow into the race here but top rated is INDEPENDENCE DAY 20/1 drawn in stall 10 and im hoping it can get away smartly, head over to the rails and gain control of the race for an all the way victory and the price again makes it worth doing each way.

Independence Day 20/1 Unp

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

How to Win Playing Roulette at Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth

I'm sure you read this post title and thought...

One of these statements: 

What a lot of rubbish...

Tell me more...

Is it possible?

Where is Great Yarmouth? What's roulette?

For all I know, you may have had all of those thoughts in that order. Mumbo jumbo, hey. We all know that you can't win playing roulette, hey? You can't beat fixed odds because the casino is guaranteed to win long term. 

I can't see how you can win playing roulette. It's the truth. However, it's a fact that I have been to the Grosvenor Casino at Great Yarmouth at least 10 times in the last few years and I am well in profit. So why is that? What is the reason? Have I just got lucky? I think, for the most part, I have been lucky. But there may be some reason why I have increased my chances. 

Compared with all other games you can play at any UK casino, roulette gives you the best odds of winning. I think the casino edge is 2.7% which compared with the likes of pair plus on three-card poker you are a winner without trying. I think pair plus takes about 6%, which is hard work. 

Anyway, let's get back to roulette. 

I figure the only way you can win at playing roulette is by using these three variables (if you can actually call them variable):

  • Luck
  • Playing for a couple of hours
  • Betting on a single number and corner
  • Betting level stake 

Yes, you need to be lucky to win. If you are unlucky you will play and not see a number come up once. 

My approach is simple. I look to see which number has come up a couple of times in the last hour or so and bet on that religiously. There is no logic to why the number should come up again but for whatever reason it often does. 

In addition to the single number, I will bet on a corner which includes the single number. This helps to give a few wins along the way (if you are lucky). 

Bet for a couple of hours. If you bet all day and all night the casino rake will gradually take its toll and you are sure to lose. But short term your odds are not that different from the casino. In fact, they often give free bets, drinks vouchers and incentives to get you through the door which can mean when betting £20 - £50 you are pretty much betting on a level playing field. 

Just keep betting on your single number and corner and hope you get lucky. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

3:15 Musselburgh Racing Tips (2nd April)

Musselburgh 2yo racing

A nice class 2 conditions race with 3 front running sorts in the field of 8 and maybe Merry Banter could do best of those 3 as its my joint 2d top rated along with the very versatile Tanasoq who usually stays on strongly at this distance but my top rated horse is LONGROOM 50/1 who usually likes to track the pacesetters and then stay on the stronger at the finish and the trainers 20% win rate here and the jockeys 18% win rate for the stable makes me hopeful that connections are expecting a big run here and will be carrying my money in an each way wager at the generous price.

Longroom 100/1 8th 

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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Funny Race Horse Names You Won't Believe

According to Weatherbys, who administer horse racing under contract from the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), naming a horse can, and should, be an enjoyable process. Some horses are named logically, according to their pedigree; Red Rum, for example, was sired by Quorum out of Mared. Some are named after something significant to their owner; Arkle and Foinavon, for example, were both originally owned by Anne Grosvenor, Duchess of Westminster and were named after twin mountains near her estate in Lochmore, Sutherland in north-west Scotland. Others are named for pure devilment, which is why Weatherbys states that all names registered are subject to approval by the BHA. 

Aside from the length of the name, which can be up to 18 characters, including spaces, the BHA imposes some fairly strict rules to prevent owners from causing confusion or offence by naming their horses inappropriately. Nevertheless, over the years the regulatory body – that is, the BHA, or its predecessor, the Jockey Club – has occasionally dropped a clanger and allowed the registration of a name that, as stated in the current BHA rules, ‘is suggestive or has a vulgar, obscene or insulting meaning’, ‘is in poor taste’ and may cause ‘offence’ and/or ‘confusion’ in the world of horse racing and beyond. Unless you have an especially sensitive disposition, the outcome has been, more often than not, just plain hilarious. 

Geespot, for example, was a bay mare trained by Dominic Ffrench Davis, won a couple of selling races at Brighton and Lingfield in 2002. Sired by Pursuit Of Love out of My Discovery she was, unquestionably, ingeniously named. Nevertheless, even taking into account a euphemistic play on ‘gee-gee’, as slang for a horse, probably erred on the side of generosity in allowing her to be so christened.

The spoonerstic Mary Hinge – the original name of a character in the Kenny Everett Television Show in the Eighties, which was rejected by the BBC, for obvious reasons – was a flagrant error on the part of the naming ‘gatekeeper’, but nonetheless graced the winners’ enclosure five times in 1993 and 1994. Owned and trained by Julie Cecil, the former wife of the late Sir Henry Cecil, the bay mare was the scourge of racecourse announcers and commentators for the majority of her 11-race career, finishing out of the first three just twice, on her last two starts. 

More recently, Two In The Pink was another, equally unbelievable, addition to the roster of dubious names and belonged to a three-time winner for Ralph J. Smith in 2013 and 2015. If you are not a fan of comedian Jimmy Carr, suffice to say that the name is short for a sexual act, known in some quarters as the ‘Shocker’; Cosmopolitan even has instructions on how to do it!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Racing UK Vs At The Races (Racing Pundits You Have To Press The Mute Button)

Racing pundits you have to mute
In many ways, we are lucky to have so much horse racing information. 

Both horse racing TV channels are a true source of primary data. For a small cost, you can keep up to the date with the Sport Of Kings. But here's a question. Do you love to listen to the pundits or are you like many who selectively press the MUTE button?

It might seem a little drastic, but I'm sure you or someone you know does exactly the same thing. 

In truth, it might be me rather than them (the pundits) for zapping them mid-sentence. Having a bad hair day (perhaps)? Said they hated your tip for the next race (probably)? Or you can't stand a ''certain'' presenter, pundit, tipster, trainer, an owner or even an advert in between. You pay the bill - do whatever you wish. 

I wonder from a psychological perspective, what Sigmund Freud would have to say. Although he was stumped when one of his students asked what was behind him smoking a cigar. 

He said: ''Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.'' 

Anyway, there is probably a very good reason for you pressing the deadly MUTE button. Let's face it, I don't press it on a regular basis. However, it happens most of all when watching the racing channels. I've noticed that certain presenters or pundits have me searching for the control. 

Here is a list of five who make me go deaf by choice. 

James Willoughby:

You know, I used to love the intelligence of James Willoughby. Such a knowledgable man, writer, presenter and pundit. I'm sure I could sit down and have a great conversation. I don't know what changed because I used to listen intently to every word. Then one day, I just couldn't listen anymore and pressed the mute button. His conversations just seem to go off on a tangent that all the wisdom was hidden by a need to zap him. 

John Berry:

The professor, as I call him. He trains horses, is a gifted writer and a truly intelligent man. I'm sure he could solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. I even like his beard and John Denver style glasses. But what I don't like is his stop-start chatter which distracts from this man of words. I just can't help but zap him after the first ten seconds. I love the man but what can I say. 

Derek Tompson: 

He is like Marmite. You either love him or hate him. I certainly don't hate him. At times he makes me smile. I'm forever waiting for his cliches. Well done ''Big Fella''. I've seen him at Great Yarmouth umpteen times. I've zapped him with the remote. I think I got him mid-race. Sorry. 

Luke Harvey & Jason Weaver:

I have to take this pair as a double act. Once again, there are times when I love everything they say. I'm delirious on this Ant & Dec of the racing world. Sometimes they morph into Morcombe & Wise. Then, in a word, everything changed. I see red and it's not just the mute button. They get zapped double quick. 

I'm sure there are plenty more. There's something about Jim McGrath which goes beyond the mute button. Once again, an informed man but there's just something about him I can't stand to listen. I really need cotton wool and a mute button with him. 

It's not all bad because some presenters are easy to listen to. Lydia Hislop and Steve Mellish. Love them. 

Oh, I remember someone else who is insanely irritating. The other year when Ruby Walsh was injured and the Racing Channel or someone had the bright idea of paying for his time. Oh dear... His voice was akin to me running my fingernails down a wellington boot and my teeth down a chalkboard. He went beyond any button (on earth).

Who do you love to hate?

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

5:00 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (5th March)


There's 5 of the 13 runners having been known to lead before and it could be won from the front here, Astraea has stall 1 but is better over a shorter trip, my 4th top rated is Taverner a possible pacesetter, the one that could be the one to prosper if they go off too fast is Fareeq if it can reproduce its Newcastle time here, INDIAN AFFAIR 20/1 is a front runner and stall 2 could see it gain control of the rails and then prove hard to catch, I've got PEACHEY CARNEHAN 16/1 rated 1lb higher but this front runner is in stall 11 which isn't ideal but the jockey booked to ride has a 2-7 record for this stable and hopefully 2 each way wagers will pay dividends. 

Peachy Carnehan 16/1 1st 

Indian Affair 20/1 5th

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

5:20 Southwell Racing Tips (21st February)


As usual a class 6 race attracts the biggest field of my beloved sprints, just shows how many poor horses there is in training, but a little strange that there's only 3 front runners in this 5 furlong dash, I will concentrate on my top 3 ratings, Twentysvnthlancers looks in the grip of the official handicapper after its win 5 runs ago, Novabridge has tried 11 times before on this course without winning but it has run the odd good race here and it could make the frame but I doubt it will catch the front running ARCHIE STEVENS 16/1 if this one puts in one of its better efforts and I will have an each way bet but my stakes in this race won't be at full strength. 

Archie Stevens 50/1 Unp


A strange looking complicated race with only 6 runners and any stakes will be kept low, the top 2 horses, Always A Dream, 2nd top on a Kempton time, and Lalania, 2nd top on c/d times, could run decent races but would need to improve to beat, AVON GREEN 16/1 who is top rated using its best Kempton time but it hasn't run over this c/d before and will need to be held up for a late run at this distance, top-rated using c/d times is DREAMBOAT ANNIE 10/1 who has done its best times on turf when leading but hasn't led on the aw tracks before but has a decent chance here to lead all the way but I will go with having smallish bets on the 2 selections.

Dreamboat Annie 10/1 3rd
Avon Green 25/1 5th  

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Monday, 18 February 2019

6:00 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (19th February)

Wolverhampton racing tips

At least there's some early paced sorts in this 6 furlong race but there's not a lot to say about a lot of the runners so I will concentrate on my top 3 ratings, A Sure Welcome is my 3rd top rated and its best time was recorded this year so could go well in this race and could be the one to prosper if my front running pair go off too fast and fade, Peachey Carnehan has been in good form and merits the opportunity to take on this higher class of opponents but I'm thinking it just might struggle to actually win the race but that's not to say it won't run well and could make the frame but I'm thinking that MONUMENTAL MAN 16/1 could be very hard to beat if it does get to the front and in the make-up of this race things could go its way and at the price it has to be an each-way punt.

Monumental Man 16/1 3rd (backed to 8/1 sp)

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Grand National List of Winners

List of Grand National Winners
It's the 6th of April 2019. 

Time: 5:15pm 

Place: Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool. 

I'm studying the form for this year's runners and riders, searching for the best betting odds because I'm looking for a speculative bet.

The Grand National is one race that stops people in their tracks. A household institution. ''Get ready for the Grand National 2019'', are the words I hear come that exciting Saturday. My uncle Alan comes round and asks me to place a few bets for him. ''Not a problem.'' 

In preparation for my speculative bet, I search on Google for the following keywords: List of Grand National winners. Click on the link to Wikipedia and ''BOOM'' the info is at hand. Why should I research past winners? Because I want to see the winning price for the contest over the last few years. There's no lack of data as the records go back to that elusive first win of Lottery who won the inaugural race at odds of 5/1f. It's quite astounding to think that the first race was dated 1839.

From that historic day, the Grand National story has been written like a rich tapestry with covers a million honest, hard, gritty and emotional words. 

Searching the list of Grand National winners, I realise that five horses have won at odds of 100/1. 

''Perhaps my speculative bet is alive and kicking''

Is there a fighting chance we can beat the favourite? 

The last favourite to win was back in 2010 when Don't Push It prevailed. The long-awaited win for Tony McCoy and legendary trainer Jonjo O'Neill. A popular victory, particularly memorable for connections of the 10/1f. 

Interesting to note that in the last 20-years just three favourites have won. A select list including Hedge Hunter 7/1f (2004), Comply Or Die 7/1f (2008) & Don't Push It 10/1f (2010).

So 17 jollies were beaten. 

The shortest price winners over that time being 10/1. Nine winners were priced over 20/1. So that's almost an even money chance of a 20/1+ winner over this period. In fact, the last ten years have seen a number of incredibly priced successors. 

Take a look at the list:

2009 - Mon Mone 100/1 
2012 - Neptunes Collonges 33/1 
2013 - Auroras Encore 66/1
2014 - Pinea Du Re 25/1
2015 - Many Clouds 25/1 
2016 - Rule The World 33/1 

So if you fancy a big price selection don't be put off by those jolly favourite-backers. If they spout on about this, that and the other them ask them how many favourites have won in the last twenty years?

I bet odds-on they have no idea. 

When the Grand National starts, I'll be cheering for a speculative to show the way. 

Good luck. 

Monday, 28 January 2019

6:15 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (29th January)

bbc horse racing tips

There's 3 known front-runners in the race and 2 of them are in my top 5 ratings so Turanga Leela in stall 8 and 5th top rated and Taverner in tall 12 and 3rd top rated could do best of the front-runners but they may set it up to a finishing type in this race, Zapper Class is 2nd top rated and usually stays on at the finish over this distance but I've got LETMESTOPYOUTHERE 12/1 as my top rated and this hold up type might have this race run to suit its favoured racing tactics, the trainer has a 24% win rate here and the jockey has a 23% win rate for this stable so I'm hoping that's a pointer to them expecting a big run here and luckily the price permits me to go with an each way wager. 

Letmestopyouthere 20/1 Unp 

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