Tuesday, 23 July 2019

3:15 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (23rd July)


The topweight Wild Edric is my 4th top-rated and one of only two known front runners in the race and stall 9 might be ok in the make-up of this race, Laubali comes out 3rd best on both 2019 times and 2018 times so could go well here but will do well to catch POETA BRASILEIRO 28/1 who is my 2nd top-rated and the other front runner so from stall 5 could gain control of the rails and prove hard to catch and maybe worth an each way bet but on 2019 times LUCKY LODGE 16/1 comes out 4lbs higher so with a clear run, which it should hopefully get from stall 2, it could pick the leaders up close home so I will be having 2 each way bets in this race. 

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Friday, 12 July 2019

What is Speculative Bet?

Fed up with betting the favourite every race? Sometimes you need to look a little deeper and find a bet - with a fighting chance - that is a bigger if not huge price. Speculative Bet hasn't been going long but we have achieved some remarkable results proving why is really pays to follow these selective tips. It's fair to say that we won't have selections every day but make sure you take a look at Speculative Bet because our information speaks for itself.

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Monday, 8 July 2019

Is Gambling Stupid Simple?

What image comes to mind when you think of a gambler? 

The chances are it will be negative. The stereotype of a gambler doesn't inspire positives. 

Who do you know that gambles? Perhaps they have lived up to the seemingly natural expectation of being a loser. However, it is worth stopping for a moment to consider how we view a gamble. 

Whether you have ever placed a bet or not, you have gambled throughout your life. Each and every decision whether large or small has to some extent been a gamble. Can we ever be sure of the outcome of the most simple act? Crossing the road doesn't seem like a gamble but for the poor soul struck by a vehicle, it may have been a decision which cost their life. For that reason, I think people who say they don't gamble are naive. I would rather consider life as a gamble than not. Why? Because I am more prepared for the outcome. That doesn't mean to say I will be correct but at least I will be less ignorant. Even if it is one gamble from a million that decision may be worthy of note. 

In truth, I would not advise anyone to gamble on sports for fun. To add a little bit of interest. There is no fun in losing money. You hear people say: ''Are you betting with your head with your heart?'' As a proud football supporter, could you bet on the opposing side? 

You have probably answered the question. 

Betting so often relates to fixed odds. The spin of a roulette wheel. Long term you cannot possibly win. But betting on a skill-based sport isn't about luck. 

In his prime, Linford Christie would have been priced 1/100 against 99 per cent of the male UK population racing over 100m. 

Playing chess is a skill. 

Would you like to take on a county player when you are a beginner? You would have no chance of winning. 

Not through luck. 


Betting on a sport is the same. If someone knows their sport to a high standard you are a fool to think you can beat them. Nine out of ten times they would make you look inferior. That's why you need to learn your niche and hone your skills. The fun aspect of gambling is not the gamble itself. That should be mechanical, exacting and precise. Knowing your sport and appreciating your skill is the fun part. It has probably taken years to understand. It has value. It could be of huge value. 

I often find people stupidly ignorant when it comes to gambling. In the sense that they clearly know nothing at all but feel they can appreciate that it simply isn't possible to beat the bookies. 

It is like me questioning my doctor about illness because I Googled it five minutes before I entered the room. The doctor would be irritated or bemused. Rightfully so. They know what they are talking about because they have honed their skills. Strangely, they didn't just wake up one morning and think I'm a doctor. 

But that is what people are saying so often to those who gamble and win. 

It is strange how a stockbroker is viewed so differently from a gambler. They are one and the same thing. Their success or failure isn't based on their job title it is based on their success. Their success is based on their skill. This skill – without question – took years to understand. 

I'm not being funny but my skill within two-year-old horse race betting is akin to me being Linford Christie and you are the fat kid who lives down the street. That is a general average. Some kids will be fatter. Some will be thinner. Some will be smart. Some will be fitter, faster and smarter. On average, they will never know as much as me because I have trained to be the exception to the rule. 

It's something you could be good at too. But you can't be bothered or it sounds too much like hard work. 

You will not wake up one day and know more. 

That almost comical perspective of gambling success or failure is in actual fact a true reflection of life. 

When people say they don't gamble I see a naive person. Sometimes I see a complete fool. 

Perhaps betting with money is different from betting with life chances. I wouldn't see a difference. I would be more careful when betting life chances because one wrong move can equate to a lifetime of money in a split second. Make the wrong choice and you could be paying for it until the last day of your life. 

Perhaps that gamble means this is the last minute of your life. The decision to take drugs, cross the road, or anything else you can imagine. I would rather appreciate a gamble living in the here and now. The circumstance of any gamble can be turned in your favour by skill. Before you bet, learn what you need to know to be a winner. Or at the very least, to have the odds in your favour.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Royal Ascot 2019: Do Outsiders Win?

This new week will be about one race meeting: Royal Ascot. 

I follow the two-year-old racing. It's my niche. I have a decent idea of a decent horse. However, Royal Ascot, although a feast of high-class horse racing, prize money and a touch of fashion if that floats your boat, it's a difficult place to find winners. 

Or is it?

As far as I'm concerned it is lovely to watch the two-year-old races:

  • Coventry Stakes (Group 2)
  • Windsor Castle (Listed Race)
  • Queen Mary Stakes (Group 2)
  • Norfolk Stakes (Group 2)
  • Albany Stakes (Group 3)
  • Chesham Stakes (Listed Race)
One piece of data which detailed that as far back as records go, there has been hardly any juveniles win races at this illustrious meeting priced bigger than 20/1. 

I wouldn't surprise me at all. 

So it would seem a pretty pointless endeavour to look for a speculative bet if it goes beyond the 20/1 point. 

A couple of readers asked if I would be giving any tips for Royal Ascot (or even my thoughts). Looking at the line-up for the Coventry Stakes (Group 2) on Tuesday, I could feel my enthusiasm disappearing as I looked at each of the 17 entrants. 

I could have a stab at naming the best British horse but I have no idea about the Irish raiders or the Wesley Ward contingent. 

For the sake of those who read Group Horse Daily, I will do my best to name one or two horses which may provide a touch of value and chance. However, it would seem a pointless exercise to try to find a speculative bet. 

Good luck if you are having a punt. 

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Eric Winner - The Best Horse Racing Tipster in the World

So you can't win at the races!

That's what people tell you, hey. I tell you who those people are, should I? They are people who have never won at betting at the races, betting on horses, or betting on anything, to be honest. 

The fact of the matter is that people do win at betting. And I can prove it to you. Take, for example, Eric Winner has been tipping racing tips January 2014. True, he has his good and bad months. That's what happens to tipsters. The price of gold has gone up and down over the decades. That's life! However, Eric Winner knows his sprint racing. For those who have no understanding of thoroughbred horse racing, that means racing over 5 & 6 furlongs. 

Anyway, I guess you want to know what has made me write this post and state this fact. May proved a brilliant month for Eric. He had 14 winners, 14/1, 18/1 & 25/1 winners, a total of 117 points in winners. True, you have to take off a few losers throughout the month but very few horse racing tipsters tip winners of those prices in a year let alone a month. Certain tipster would never tip such big-priced winners in their life. Far too many favourite-backers out there. 

If you want a fair bet then I would suggest you take a closer look at Eric Winner (Sprint King). 

Who else do you know has tipped a 100/1 winner? What about the day he gave a Trifecta worth £628.99

Eric Winner has done exactly that. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

2:25 York Racing Tips (15th May)

YORK 2.25 

A massive field of 22 runners already puts me on my back foot in betting terms as a horse may need a degree of luck to get a clear run throughout the whole race and its not very often I bet in big fields like this but im hoping ive found something that will put a few quid in mine and yours pockets, I won't bother explaining anything about the opposition and just detail the top 2 horses, coming out of stall 13 in the shape of Vibrant Chords 10/1 who is my top rated but I have had to go back to 2017 to find that time, the trainer has a 19% win rate at this course and the jockey has a 25% win ratio for this stable so it looks as though the connections are expecting a big run in this lovely class 2 handicap and at a double figure price means it could be each way bet but it has flattered to deceive before so with it finishing 2nd last time out doesnt mean it will be able to go one better in this race where theres a lot more depth of good class animals, the one I will be backing to small stakes is REPUTATION 10/1 who won last time out over this distance at Ripon and has been found a chance to follow up here and at the price it will be each way wager. 

Reputation 14/1 8th 

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Monday, 29 April 2019

2:20 Newcastle Racing Tips (29th April)

Speculative bet

A competitive all-weather handicap even though its a class 6 affair, im keeping it short and concentrate on my top 4 ratings, Scuzeme hasn't run over this c/d recently but has a time from 2017 that would make it my 2nd top rated, Kroy is near the bottom of the handicap and should be staying on at the finish and cannot be written off, DUKE COSIMO 14/1 is another where I've had to go back to 2017 to find its best time but the jockey booking looks very positive as their record is 3-7 for this stable so I have to back it but I will also be backing CUPPACOCO 25/1 because its done a time this year which is very close to the top and its proven to be in form while the other 3 I had to go back to 2017 so two each way bets on my selections looks the way ahead. 

Duke Cosimo 14/1 Unp
Cuppacoco 25/1 Unp

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

7:30 Chelmsford (18th April) Independence Day to Spring a Surprise at 20/1

Chelmsford Racecourse 2019

Strangely for a 5 furlong race there's only 2 known pacesetters in the race, Precious Plum is my 3rd top rated and drawn in stall 12 which might not be too bad in this race with early pace in the 2 stalls on its inside, Alaskan Bay likes to track the leaders and is in stall 8 so could get a tow into the race here but top rated is INDEPENDENCE DAY 20/1 drawn in stall 10 and im hoping it can get away smartly, head over to the rails and gain control of the race for an all the way victory and the price again makes it worth doing each way.

Independence Day 20/1 Unp

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

How to Win Playing Roulette at Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth

I'm sure you read this post title and thought...

One of these statements: 

What a lot of rubbish...

Tell me more...

Is it possible?

Where is Great Yarmouth? What's roulette?

For all I know, you may have had all of those thoughts in that order. Mumbo jumbo, hey. We all know that you can't win playing roulette, hey? You can't beat fixed odds because the casino is guaranteed to win long term. 

I can't see how you can win playing roulette. It's the truth. However, it's a fact that I have been to the Grosvenor Casino at Great Yarmouth at least 10 times in the last few years and I am well in profit. So why is that? What is the reason? Have I just got lucky? I think, for the most part, I have been lucky. But there may be some reason why I have increased my chances. 

Compared with all other games you can play at any UK casino, roulette gives you the best odds of winning. I think the casino edge is 2.7% which compared with the likes of pair plus on three-card poker you are a winner without trying. I think pair plus takes about 6%, which is hard work. 

Anyway, let's get back to roulette. 

I figure the only way you can win at playing roulette is by using these three variables (if you can actually call them variable):

  • Luck
  • Playing for a couple of hours
  • Betting on a single number and corner
  • Betting level stake 

Yes, you need to be lucky to win. If you are unlucky you will play and not see a number come up once. 

My approach is simple. I look to see which number has come up a couple of times in the last hour or so and bet on that religiously. There is no logic to why the number should come up again but for whatever reason it often does. 

In addition to the single number, I will bet on a corner which includes the single number. This helps to give a few wins along the way (if you are lucky). 

Bet for a couple of hours. If you bet all day and all night the casino rake will gradually take its toll and you are sure to lose. But short term your odds are not that different from the casino. In fact, they often give free bets, drinks vouchers and incentives to get you through the door which can mean when betting £20 - £50 you are pretty much betting on a level playing field. 

Just keep betting on your single number and corner and hope you get lucky. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

3:15 Musselburgh Racing Tips (2nd April)

Musselburgh 2yo racing

A nice class 2 conditions race with 3 front running sorts in the field of 8 and maybe Merry Banter could do best of those 3 as its my joint 2d top rated along with the very versatile Tanasoq who usually stays on strongly at this distance but my top rated horse is LONGROOM 50/1 who usually likes to track the pacesetters and then stay on the stronger at the finish and the trainers 20% win rate here and the jockeys 18% win rate for the stable makes me hopeful that connections are expecting a big run here and will be carrying my money in an each way wager at the generous price.

Longroom 100/1 8th 

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