Thursday, 21 November 2019

6:30 Chelmsford Racing Tips (21st November)


Down to class 6 here, George Dryden has a time from 2018 that would make it 2nd top-rated but hasn't really been in form lately and the jockeys 0-19 record for the stable makes me think its not ready to bounce back to form here, Broughton Excels is well weighted on its best times but still only good enough to make it my 3rd top-rated, my top rated on 2019 times is *DARING GUEST 9/1 who likes to stay on strongly at the finish and could get a good tow into the race with a possible frontrunner being drawn next door in stall 10. 

* NR


With 3 possible frontrunners this should be a true run race and I'm hoping my selection can lead all the way here but my stakes won't be at full power, Nampara in stall 1 and Tan are my joint 3rd top-rated horses and the latter has been known to lead but only usually if nothing else wants to, Time To Reason is 2nd best and this one likes to track the pace and then stay on strongly at the finish but if RED STRIPES 11/1 leads here from stall 6 it could prove hard to catch and the apprentices 7lb claim could swing things even more into its favour and as usual if the price is big enough I would say to go with an each-way wager.

Red Stripes 11/1 8th

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Friday, 8 November 2019

That Horse Looks Hopeless - I'm Sure it Can Win!

In The Betting Shop
What is your type of bet? Perhaps you're a favourites man. You bet on the jolly like it's going out of fashion. In fact, you can't remember the last time you didn't back the horse which sits at the top of the market. 

There's nothing wrong with that. You do what you do. If it pays you are correct – if you lose you are wrong. We are talking long term. Even the best of successful gamblers appreciate they need to view their performance over a season. One well-established platform who say let's beat the bookies with OLBG via this handy link  and make the most of your wagers on a daily basis. 

It is interesting to consider how you bet. I know for the majority this doesn't even register. You go in the bookmakers, check out the Racing Post, last three runs, looks ok, and bet. I'm not being funny, but compare to someone who knows a lot about betting it is boarding on criminal. If you can make your betting pay with that minimalistic style you are one lucky guy. Sadly, it's not possible. 

Why? Because you are looking at the same information as everyone else. When gambling there really isn't strength in numbers. You need to remove yourself from the crowd. You need to have your own perspective. A quiet approach which taps into value bets. 

Basically, you need to understand your niche. We go from horse racing in its entirety to a segment of the pie. Sure, the whole apple pie tastes sweet but just a little part can taste sweeter. Perhaps it has been sprinkled with cinnamon! 

My speciality is two-year-old horse racing. Our other contributor, Eric Winner, follows sprinters.

It's impossible to follow all racing. Why would you want to run ten marathons when you can win one and bet five times the money? You can see the logic. You will be better than others when you put more work into your niche and understand that you don't need to be the best punter on earth. You have to be a little bit better than most! 

That's why I come to horses which look pretty damn hopeless.

I can imagine what you are thinking. Why the hell do you want to do that? Because I can pretty much guarantee most people have written off it's chance. That can be a very good thing for me. Because some layer somewhere is a little greedy and keeps pushing the price from big, bigger to biggest. 

Those huge odds can relate to value. 

When considering betting on two-year-old horses it's easy for even a decent juvenile to disappoint on its first two starts. I can tell you, very few layers fear a horse that has disappointed both starts.

''Let's lay this thing as it's as slow as a snail.'' Most of these horses are – but not all. I've seen a lot of these horses run big races on their third start and a number have won. One of them at 999/1 on Betfair. Whether you bet on the favourite or the outsider, find a novel way of betting. If you follow the crowd long term you will never beat the bookies.

Friday, 1 November 2019

What is Speculative Bet?

Fed up with betting the favourite every race? Sometimes you need to look a little deeper and find a bet - with a fighting chance - that is a bigger if not huge price. Speculative Bet hasn't been going long but we have achieved some remarkable results proving why is really pays to follow these selective tips. It's fair to say that we won't have selections every day but make sure you take a look at Speculative Bet because our information speaks for itself.

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Monday, 21 October 2019

5:30 Southwell Racing Tips (21st October)


Only 10 runners but there isnt much to work with some of the lightly raced sorts in the race and 2 possible flies in the ointment could be Cox Bazar and Attys Edge so the betting could be the clue to their chances in this race but im hoping they wont be involved with the finish, of my top 4 ratings for just 2019, 3 of them have losing runs of 10 or more race which is always off putting but it doesnt mean they cannot run well, Tadaany is 4th top rated and likes to track the leaders, Classic Pursuit is my 3rd top rating and usually stays on at this trip as though further would suit it better, Arzaak is 2nd top rated and the trainer has a decent 18% strike rate here with their older horses but most of my money will be riding on BLUELLA 12/1 who is another that should be staying on strongly at the finish and the apprentices 7lb claim pushes it into top spot on this year's speed figures and the trainers win ratio at this course with the older horses is 21%, I will possibly have to cover bets Arzaak and Classic Pursuit because they have faster times from 2018. 

Bluella 16/1 5th 

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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Is Gambling Stupid Simple?

What image comes to mind when you think of a gambler? 

The chances are it will be negative. The stereotype of a gambler doesn't inspire positives. 

Who do you know that gambles? Perhaps they have lived up to the seemingly natural expectation of being a loser. However, it is worth stopping for a moment to consider how we view a gamble. 

Whether you have ever placed a bet or not, you have gambled throughout your life. Each and every decision whether large or small has to some extent been a gamble. Can we ever be sure of the outcome of the most simple act? Crossing the road doesn't seem like a gamble but for the poor soul struck by a vehicle, it may have been a decision which cost their life. For that reason, I think people who say they don't gamble are naive. I would rather consider life as a gamble than not. Why? Because I am more prepared for the outcome. That doesn't mean to say I will be correct but at least I will be less ignorant. Even if it is one gamble from a million that decision may be worthy of note. 

In truth, I would not advise anyone to gamble on sports for fun. To add a little bit of interest. There is no fun in losing money. You hear people say: ''Are you betting with your head with your heart?'' As a proud football supporter, could you bet on the opposing side? 

You have probably answered the question. 

Betting so often relates to fixed odds. The spin of a roulette wheel. Long term you cannot possibly win. But betting on a skill-based sport isn't about luck. 

In his prime, Linford Christie would have been priced 1/100 against 99 per cent of the male UK population racing over 100m. 

Playing chess is a skill. 

Would you like to take on a county player when you are a beginner? You would have no chance of winning. 

Not through luck. 


Betting on a sport is the same. If someone knows their sport to a high standard you are a fool to think you can beat them. Nine out of ten times they would make you look inferior. That's why you need to learn your niche and hone your skills. The fun aspect of gambling is not the gamble itself. That should be mechanical, exacting and precise. Knowing your sport and appreciating your skill is the fun part. It has probably taken years to understand. It has value. It could be of huge value. 

I often find people stupidly ignorant when it comes to gambling. In the sense that they clearly know nothing at all but feel they can appreciate that it simply isn't possible to beat the bookies. 

It is like me questioning my doctor about illness because I Googled it five minutes before I entered the room. The doctor would be irritated or bemused. Rightfully so. They know what they are talking about because they have honed their skills. Strangely, they didn't just wake up one morning and think I'm a doctor. 

But that is what people are saying so often to those who gamble and win. 

It is strange how a stockbroker is viewed so differently from a gambler. They are one and the same thing. Their success or failure isn't based on their job title it is based on their success. Their success is based on their skill. This skill – without question – took years to understand. 

I'm not being funny but my skill within two-year-old horse race betting is akin to me being Linford Christie and you are the fat kid who lives down the street. That is a general average. Some kids will be fatter. Some will be thinner. Some will be smart. Some will be fitter, faster and smarter. On average, they will never know as much as me because I have trained to be the exception to the rule. 

It's something you could be good at too. But you can't be bothered or it sounds too much like hard work. 

You will not wake up one day and know more. 

That almost comical perspective of gambling success or failure is in actual fact a true reflection of life. 

When people say they don't gamble I see a naive person. Sometimes I see a complete fool. 

Perhaps betting with money is different from betting with life chances. I wouldn't see a difference. I would be more careful when betting life chances because one wrong move can equate to a lifetime of money in a split second. Make the wrong choice and you could be paying for it until the last day of your life. 

Perhaps that gamble means this is the last minute of your life. The decision to take drugs, cross the road, or anything else you can imagine. I would rather appreciate a gamble living in the here and now. The circumstance of any gamble can be turned in your favour by skill. Before you bet, learn what you need to know to be a winner. Or at the very least, to have the odds in your favour.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Why Betting at Speculative Odds Gives Punters a Winning Edge

Red Rum was a favourite in the Grand National 1974
My uncle was a favourite backer. 

He loved his racing but it kind of saddened me to think he would never have a big priced winner. That 33/1 shot, which clambered home by a nose, would never be part of his conversation over a pint. The winners came thick and fast but he was never in profit. He was the reason for the post I wrote: He's Backed Every Favourite Since 1973

But who is to say betting on the favourite is wrong? If you enjoy going to Great Yarmouth racecourse you may well have a fighting chance of winning money as it is very much a favourites track. 

Each to their own. 

From betting on two-year-old horses for decades I have learnt a few things. The act of betting isn't something you should do for fun. True, the majority of punters bet for recreation. Even though they want to win, their actions don't mirror this what should be their focus. I rarely bet at odds below 11/4. I would never say never because the true marker of a talented gambler is knowing when to bet to win long term. Over a short period of time, even the best gambler can lose. Very few punters can avoid losing runs although, to be fair, if you bet selectively you should keep a steady pace rather than the ups and downs of those dreaded peaks (the good part) and troughs (shock horror). A favourite can be a great bet. It is crazy to say I would never bet odds-on even though my general assessment would state this is (and probably should be) a rare bet. It is all about value. And, yes, even a horse priced 1/10f can be value. 

But what about speculative bets?  How do they figure in your betting? Have you ever had a 33/1 winner? 

If you never bet on a big price horse you will never have a big priced winner. It's stating the obvious but it is true. 

When looking through the racing results have you noticed that every favourite wins every race? 

No. Becuase they don't. Mingled between the favourites which may bookend a card, there are horses winning at all odds. 

The Grand National has seen five 100/1 winners over the years. 

have found the day my betting bank jumped up significantly it is when one of those ''no-hopers'' find their way to the winner's enclosure. 

£50 on a 20/1, and a lovely £1,000 bumps it up nicely. My brother has seen a few exceptional betting days where he won £4,000 for a bet of £20. Yes, the horse won on debut at odds of 200/1. This came from betting on the exchanges. I think the filly [Puggy] was priced 50/1 or 66/1 with the bookmakers. 

To win at gambling you have to know that little more than the rest. The good thing about betting on outsiders is that you are bucking the trend of the crowd. That in itself is a wise move when it comes to gambling. 

If you are a favourites man then you are far from wrong in your thinking if your betting pays. But take note that not every favourite wins and that big priced winner could have been yours if you had been looking in the right direction. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

8:30 Newcastle Racing Tips (17th September)


A full complement of 14 runners here but betting wise I won't be going in too heavily especially with a few 3-year-olds that could improve without warning and I've only got 6 runners with a recorded speed figure, Groundworker won last time out and comes out 4th top here while Someone Exciting who also won last time out is 2nd top here so both of them could go well here while in tip-top form, the topweight Arnold comes out 3rd best so it could make the frame but I'm going to have a few pennies on DEEDS NOT WORDS 25/1 and it will be pennies, it likes to track the leaders and then stay on stoutly at the finish but its on a losing sequence of 12 and the booked jockeys 0-31 is also off-putting but it could be worth a small each-way punt.

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Thursday, 12 September 2019

4:20 Doncaster Racing Tips (12th September)

DONCASTER 4.20 (8.1) 

The going at Doncaster certainly wasn't good to firm on Wednesday despite what the official going report said so I'm hoping it dries out somewhat before today's (Thursday) racing starts. With 17 runners this race will be hard to solve, topweight Poyle Vinnie is 3rd best on my figures but it isn't at ease if there's a fast early pace, Lucky Beggar is well-weighted and comes out 2nd best but this one seems to need genuine g/f ground to show its best, the early pace could come from The Armed Man but I doubt it will be in front on the line and one that should be staying on strongly at the finish is MUJASSAM 20/1 and this one might hopefully be worth a small each-way wager in this race. 

Mujasaam 33/1 9th 

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Saturday, 7 September 2019

5:05 Ascot Racing Tips (7th September)

Ascot horse racing tips
ASCOT 5.05 (7.2)

If they all run there will be 4 places for an each way bet and ive got it narrowed down to 2 that could feasibly win this race in Blue De Vega and Texting and they are not far behind the 4 that I will concentrate on, Moonraker is my original top rated but it does find the distance a bit too short unless theres a fast early pace so this race might not be run to suit, Royal Birth is being ridden by a 7lb claiming apprentice which is the same with all of my top 3 ratings, and this one could make the frame and maybe worth an each way punt at a decent price, Grandfather Tom is in cracking form but will be one of the favourites but could go close but im going to stick my neck out and go with the 3-year-old THEGREATESTSHOWMAN 14/1 who can be held up or track the leaders and in stall 10 it looks to drawn next door to Heritage the one that looks a good candidate to take up the pace setting role so it could get a good tow into the race and then have the first crack at the leader and stay on the stronger at the finish.

Thegreatestshowman 14/1 4th

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Friday, 6 September 2019

4:40 Ascot Racing Tips (6th September)

Eric Winner's Secret Tips
ASCOT 4.40 (7.2) 

There looks to be plenty of early pace in this race so it should be a true run affair, there is a few 3-year-olds or relatively lightly raced sorts that could improve but lets hope that's not today and maybe Total Commitment will make others better value that they should be, the race it won at Newmarket was a very slow affair so not 100% sure the form is that good but if its a rapidly improving sort it could scoot in again but I will be going against it, Equiano Springs could go well from those that like to be at the front of the field as could Doc Sportello, Lightning Charlie and A Sure Welcome, Big Lachie and Cent Flying have good speed figures but this looks a harder race for them and my money will be riding on MIRACLE OF MEDINAH 25/1 who likes to track the pacesetters and then stay on resolutely and I'm hoping the apprentices 7lb claim can further swing things in its favour and could be worth an each-way punt. 

Miracle Of Medinah 25/1 5th

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