Friday 25 May 2018

2:10 Bath - Waseem Faris (25th May)

BATH 2.10
I very often hate these races at this odd distance of roughly five and a half furlongs but in this race of a field of 7 I have narrowed it down to 2 horses, WASEEM FARIS 14/1 and POWERFUL DREAM 8/1, the former is a front runner who finds 6 furlongs too far but its 5 furlong time would put it in top spot and if allowed to dominate it could win from the front, while the latter finds 5 furlongs too short and its best time is over this c/d, so hopefully I can back them both to make a profit whichever one wins.

Waseem Faris 14/1 1st
Powerful Dream 8/1 5th