Sunday 26 August 2018

Eric Winner Free Horse Racing Tips

It's funny how people pay for horse racing tips. 

There's nothing wrong with paying if it makes you money. It is interesting to consider that you don't have to pay to get valuable tips. Want me to prove that point? Well, the chances are you've heard about Eric Winner Racing Tips. He has been blogging for a few years and achieved over 700,000 page views. 

When most racing tipsters give up after 6-months, you know someone who lasts the duration has value. That' a keyword most punters are interested. 

Take a look at his winners here

As Eric takes the time to rank the tips in each race you will notice he has given many big payouts. A recent forecast £224.76. Oh yes, I forgot to detail that he gave a 20/1 winner, too. 

It's a strange fact, but Eric Winner is better at giving big-priced winners than favourites. I know it sounds unusual but I'm sure it's the case. I've not run the data but it's a suspicion I have after seeing this man in action month after month. 

When was the last time your tipster gave a 100/1 winner?

Read his detailed analysis of that day's tip selections. ''Wow, thanks for the 100/1 winner''.

Not bad, hey. The horse was actually backed from 100/1 with bookmakers to 12/1. Eric's followers know it pays. 

Look at this result where the Tricast paid an amazing £785.65

Anyway, I don't need to sing Eric's praise beyond this point.