Wednesday 20 March 2019

Racing UK Vs At The Races (Racing Pundits You Have To Press The Mute Button)

In many ways, we are lucky to have so much horse racing information. 

Both horse racing TV channels are a true source of primary data. For a small cost, you can keep up to the date with the Sport Of Kings. But here's a question. Do you love to listen to the pundits or are you like many who selectively press the MUTE button?

It might seem a little drastic, but I'm sure you or someone you know does exactly the same thing. 

In truth, it might be me rather than them (the pundits) for zapping them mid-sentence. Having a bad hair day (perhaps)? Said they hated your tip for the next race (probably)? Or you can't stand a ''certain'' presenter, pundit, tipster, trainer, an owner or even an advert in between. You pay the bill - do whatever you wish. 

I wonder from a psychological perspective, what Sigmund Freud would have to say. Although he was stumped when one of his students asked what was behind him smoking a cigar. 

He said: ''Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.'' 

Anyway, there is probably a very good reason for you pressing the deadly MUTE button. Let's face it, I don't press it on a regular basis. However, it happens most of all when watching the racing channels. I've noticed that certain presenters or pundits have me searching for the control. 

Here is a list of five who make me go deaf by choice. 

James Willoughby:

You know, I used to love the intelligence of James Willoughby. Such a knowledgable man, writer, presenter and pundit. I'm sure I could sit down and have a great conversation. I don't know what changed because I used to listen intently to every word. Then one day, I just couldn't listen anymore and pressed the mute button. His conversations just seem to go off on a tangent that all the wisdom was hidden by a need to zap him. 

John Berry:

The professor, as I call him. He trains horses, is a gifted writer and a truly intelligent man. I'm sure he could solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. I even like his beard and John Denver style glasses. But what I don't like is his stop-start chatter which distracts from this man of words. I just can't help but zap him after the first ten seconds. I love the man but what can I say. 

Derek Tompson: 

He is like Marmite. You either love him or hate him. I certainly don't hate him. At times he makes me smile. I'm forever waiting for his cliches. Well done ''Big Fella''. I've seen him at Great Yarmouth umpteen times. I've zapped him with the remote. I think I got him mid-race. Sorry. 

Luke Harvey & Jason Weaver:

I have to take this pair as a double act. Once again, there are times when I love everything they say. I'm delirious on this Ant & Dec of the racing world. Sometimes they morph into Morcombe & Wise. Then, in a word, everything changed. I see red and it's not just the mute button. They get zapped double quick. 

I'm sure there are plenty more. There's something about Jim McGrath which goes beyond the mute button. Once again, an informed man but there's just something about him I can't stand to listen. I really need cotton wool and a mute button with him. 

It's not all bad because some presenters are easy to listen to. Lydia Hislop and Steve Mellish. Love them. 

Oh, I remember someone else who is insanely irritating. The other year when Ruby Walsh was injured and the Racing Channel or someone had the bright idea of paying for his time. Oh dear... His voice was akin to me running my fingernails down a wellington boot and my teeth down a chalkboard. He went beyond any button (on earth).

Who do you love to hate?